Welcome to Aberdeen Fertility Centre

The Aberdeen Fertility Centre has been at the forefront of fertility treatments for more than 30 years. Once a diagnosis has been made by our caring team of expert clinicians and embryology staff, we can offer a range of treatments across our Centre to suit your individual needs.

UPDATE: 5th August 2020

Following the announcement by the First Minister regarding a further lock down of pubs and restaurants in Aberdeen, we would like to reassure you that we are carrying on with all appointments and treatment that have been arranged. If you are due to attend the Centre, within the next 7 days, we will be contacting you the day before to complete a health questionnaire prior to your attendance. The First Minister has also recommended that travel for work or education is permitted, however, this will not affect patients travel to the hospital. Should you rely on public transport, please contact the Centre to let us know by email - gram-uhb.aberdeenfertility@nhs.net. We will continue to update our website with news and we would advise that you follow the BBC news and Scottish Government website for updates.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding

We have been advising you that we have been working to ensure all patients that had treatment paused will have a timeline as to when their appointment to plan treatment by the 24th July 2020.

If you had started a treatment cycle or had a protocol to start and have not received a letter from us please contact our admin team at gram-uhb.aberdeenfertility@nhs.net and we will ensure you are provided with an appointment as soon as possible.

Patients who had not started treatment but are on a waiting list for treatment will be receiving appointments throughout the last week in August and September.

Patients who were undergoing donor insemination treatment and ovulation induction treatment will also be contacted at this time to arrange an appointment to plan restarting treatment.

These time lines for treatment restarting are in line with the national strategy agreed with Scottish Government and the other NHS Centres in Scotland. This gradual increase in treatment is in line with many outpatient services the NHS is re-introducing whilst being prepared to treat Covid 19 patients when and if needed. We must all continue to follow the guidance produced by Scottish Governance and the updated information provided by the First Minister.

Our counsellor is available Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. To make an appointment please email

gram-uhb.aberdeenfertility@nhs.net. All appointments are free of charge. We have been working closely with Fertility Network Scotland who you can also contact for support, advice or further information. Telephone: 01294 279162 Mobile: 07411752688.

There has been a change of policy by Scottish Government which means that partners are currently allowed to attend pregnancy scan only. There may be certain circumstances where your partner will be required to attend the Centre. We will notify you in advance which appointments these apply to as they will have to undertake a screening questionnaire the day before the appointment.

Thank you again for your continued patience and understanding