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Our specialist team of staff have wide experience in all aspects of reproductive medicine. Several are national leaders in the field.

Alison McTavish

Quality & Business Manager

Alison is a co-founder of the fertility centre participating in research and became a Fertility Nurse Specialist and built the nursing team within the Centre. Alison is now in a management role and is responsible for the quality of services provided and to manage the financial resources to maintain standards.

Dr Abha Maheshwari MD, MRCOG

Abha is our Clinical Lead in Reproductive Medicine & Person Responsible, which is a legal responsibility role to ensure that all licensed activities within AFC are undertaken with proper regard to the regulatory framework governing treatment and research. Abha is also the Andrology Laboratory director and therefore has the ultimate responsibility for the overall operation and administration of the laboratory.

Dr Smriti Bhatta MBBS,MD,MRCOG

Senior Clinician

Smriti joined the fertility centre in October 2013 and took up the post of Senior Clinician from May 2015 onwards. She is responsible for dealing with daily clinical queries and evaluating the Centre treatment results to ensure provision of evidence based safe and clinically effective service. Smriti is medical lead for the egg donation programme.

David Welsh

Embryology Laboratory Manager

David has worked in the discipline of Embryology for 25 years. He has worked at a number of high profile clinics and as a consultant embryologist abroad. This experience is currently being used to provide a quality service in Aberdeen.

Valerie Peddie RGN; RM; ADM; BA (Hons); MSc

Senior Charge Nurse

Valerie is a Fertility Nurse Specialist who manages and develops the performance of the nursing team through competency based training and is dedicated to ensuring that every patient seen within Aberdeen Fertility Centre receives safe, timely and effective clinical care.

Lesley Miller


Lesley joined the team in 2015 as Independent Counsellor based at the Centre. She is on hand to support patients through the emotional aspects of their fertility care and to discuss any implications of using donor eggs, sperm or embryos.

Lorna Low

Donor Programme Co-ordinator

Lorna is a fertility nurse specialist who is responsible for co-ordinating the Donor Programme. She meets with donors and recipients to fully inform them on the processes of the treatment and manages the planning of their care.

Sasia Pryor

Clinic Co-ordinator

Sasia maintains the communication between patients and clinical colleagues throughout the complete patient journey. She is the central point of contact for all egg and sperm donors and also Personal Assistant to the Donor Programme Coordinator.