Coronavirus (COVID 19) Update

We ask those considering fertility treatment and those currently undergoing treatment to be mindful that UK government travel advice continues to develop in response to the coronavirus – COVID 19 outbreak so please make sure you are following the most up to date advice.

The NHS website is constantly being updated with advice on the coronavirus.

Symptoms of coronavirus

• a cough

• a high temperature

• shortness of breath

However, these symptoms do not necessarily mean you have the illness.

The symptoms are similar to other illnesses that are much more common, such as cold and flu.

The WHO also reported that some patients may have aches and pains, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat or diarrhoea. These symptoms are usually mild and begin gradually. Some people become infected but don’t develop any symptoms and don’t feel unwell.

If there's a chance you could have coronavirus, you may be asked to stay away from other people (self-isolate).

This means you should:

• stay at home

• not go to work, school or public places

• not use public transport or taxis

• ask friends, family members or delivery services to do errands for you

• try to avoid visitors to your home – it's OK for friends, family or delivery drivers to drop off food

You may need to do this for up to 14 days to help reduce the possible spread of infection.

Further information can be found on the HFEA website regarding Fertility treatment in the UK.