Costs for treatment that takes place before 31 July 2021

This price list is to provide an indication of cost for a typical cycle, however, before treatment, storage or both, all patients will be provided with a personalised Costed Treatment Plan (CTP). The plan will detail the main elements of the treatment proposed, including investigations and test and any additional possible charges that may be required. These CTP’s will be provided prior to consultation with medical staff where they will be fully discussed and agreed prior to payment being taken by our finance staff.


Self funded treatment is not the same as paying for private care. The staff, facilities and standard of care are the same as those receiving treatment funded by the NHS and no one profits from patients funding their own treatment.


Average cost of pre-treatment consultation with fertility specialist, ultrasound assessment, semen analysis and counselling - £530 prior to any treatment cycle to plan the best treatment journey for you. After your pre-treatment consultation the average cost of a treatment cycle including consultation, counselling, ultrasound scans, screening blood tests, all medication, pregnancy scan, follow up appointment and HFEA fee:


  • IVF using own eggs - (first cycle) - £4,450
  • ICSI using own eggs - (first cycle) - £4,900


  • IVF using donated eggs - £5,750
  • ICSI using donated eggs - £6,210


  • Frozen embryo replacement cycle - £1,090


  • Planned egg freeze cycle - £3,790
  • Thaw, create and replace embryos - £1,930


  • Superovulation using own sperm cycle - £1,200
  • Natural cycle using own sperm cycle - £500


  • Superovulation using donor sperm - £1,200
  • If using known donor - £2,100


  • Natural cycle using donor sperm - £500
  • If using known donor - £1,400


We do not offer any ‘Add-on therapies’ as described on the HFEA website. We have EmbryoScope® time lapse incubators for embryo culture which provide an undisturbed environment with continuous imaging to help improve embryo selection and chances of pregnancy. This is provided for both NHS and self funding patients at no extra charge. We also use EmbryoGlue at the time of embryo transfer which is a medium to help embryos implant after transfer and this is also provided at no extra cost.

Freezing Charges

  • Freezing of sperm, eggs or embryos - £500.00 (for 2 years) / £1000.00 (for 5 years) / £2,000 (for 10 years)




All patients undergoing treatment within the Aberdeen Fertility Centre can access the independent counsellor free of charge.