IUI means that prepared sperm is placed in the uterus. By placing the prepared sperm inside the uterus (i.e. closer to the fallopian tube) we are theoretically increasing the chances of a sperm meeting, and successfully fertilising, a released egg.

The evidence suggests that IUI is beneficial:

  • If you have unexplained subfertility
  • If the male partner is unavailable at the time of ovulation (sperm samples can be frozen)
  • For couples in same sex relationships, single women or those using donor sperm
  • In cases of sexual difficulties


Natural Cycle

In a natural IUI treatment cycle we make use of the egg and hormones released in your natural ovulation cycle. We monitor the time that ovulation takes place and when this occurs prepared sperm is placed in the uterus.


Superovulation IUI treatment involves FSH injections to stimulate the ovaries to produce follicles. The response will be monitored by blood tests and ultrasound scans. When the follicles reach the required size, a final injection is given to trigger ovulation. Prepared sperm is placed in the uterus 18-40 hours after the final trigger injection.

Further Information

If you would like any further information regarding IUI, please get in touch. One of the team will be happy to guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

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